After a long hiatus caused mainly by overwhelming work on other projects, some work on meteo has resumed.

This free software package is used to retrieve meteorological data from a Davis Weather Monitor II, Perception, Weather Wizard or a Davis Vantage Pro Station. Experimental support for Davis GroWeather, Health and Energy Stations is also included (untested since I don't have the Hardware). It normalizes the data and stores a data point every minute in a MySQL database. Later on, graphs can be drawn and inserted into web pages that display the development of the most important parameters. Here are the stations used to develop this package:

Geographical Location Current data Browser
Altendorf, Schwyz, Switzerland (further info) --> Browser currently not publicly accessible.

There also is a page describing the graphs. Most of that information is now also included in the browser pages.

There are essentially two visual interfaces to the database:

  1. The meteodraw(1) program (meteograph(1) in previous releases) can be used to generate graphs for every point in time, and to store them in some directory accessible via a web server. A script like meteojob can be used to do this from cron. The meteooverview(1) script can generate some pages referencing the graphs. This is essentially a static interface and is usually used to display current weather condition graphs generated by the meteojob script.
  2. Starting with version 0.2, there is a PHP-based meteo browser that allows to browse through the complete database at every level of detail available. A sample installation is available at http://meteo.othello.ch/meteo/meteobrowser.php. See the README.browser for information about installing the script.

You may also want to read the README for additional information.