Some utilities included in the package are not documented in manual pages. Here is a short description of these tools:

This script can be run from cron to recompute exactly those graphs that need updating. The script is not very sophisticated, e.g. it does not check whether the graphs have previously been generated, but it can be used as a starting point for a more elaborate solution.
Run with exactly one argument, the name of the station, this script generates HTML pages in the current directory with embedded tags linking to the graphs. The pages show overviews of all parameters for either a day, a week, a month or a year, or an overview of only one parameter over all these periods on one page. The pages at http://grossalp.othello.ch/meteo/ have been generated with this script. Again, the script isn't very intelligent, but helpful as a start.
retrieves the last entry from the database and formats it as either text or XML. This program currently has some problems.
Dump the contents of the database to text files. Since the meteo tables tend to be extremely large (dozens of millions of rows, hundrets of megabytes), mysqldump from the MySQL distribution cannot dump the tables. And even if it could, it would interfere with normal operation of meteo. meteodbdump allows to dump the database without noticable impact on the other meteo programs.